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Revelações do Príncipe do Fogo ("Revelations from The Prince of Fire")
240 pages

Originally published and distributed in Rio de Janeiro in 1926, the book Revelações do Príncipe de Fogo ("Revelations from The Prince of Fire") shortly afterwards had each of its copies collected and destroyed. Undertaking the divine mission he believed he was responsible for, its author became notorious for murders of a ritualistic character: sacrifices to prevent the end of the world. Tried and convicted for his crimes, he was sentenced to oblivion, erased from memory. In this book, Febrônio Índio do Brasil recorded the message he said had been revealed to him in a dream by an angel of light. Here, for the first time in nearly a century, its content is reproduced in full as originally published, in addition to a selection of unpublished documents that have, until now, been confined to the case files.

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